The stinky cheese man and other stupid tales

First children Illustration book

Title of the book; The stinky cheese man and other stupid tales By Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith

Throughout this book I had scanned in the pages that interest me. For example the layout of text and image working together.

Looking at this examples will hopefully generate ideas for my own Illustration book I am later on going to create.

Title of the story; Jack’s Bean Problem

For this story layout I am right away drawn to the large capital writing on the right hand side of the page in Right alignment. Not only the text is large but it is also in bold writing which really attracts the readers eyes. With the large writing saying “I’ll GRIND YOUR BONES TO MAKE MY BREAD”, working with this text is an image of a Giant ripping up books and cutting pages out. Again this is working with the text and image.

On the left hand side you can you a large foot squashing the tree Jack is trying to climb.It also looks as tho the foot is squashing the text (in right alignment) and this is connecting the text and the image together. This captures the readers excitement and feels connected to the image.

The layout of text on the left hand of the page are center alignment with different style fonts used. That include Bold, italic and capital letters.

Title of the story; The other frog

The layout of the text at the bottom on the left hand side are Right Alignment and the text are in the same style fonts.

The image on the right hand side of the page look like the images has been ripped out and different pictures stuck done to create the

image.Connecting top the text on the top left hand side they too look as if they had been ripped out from else where and stuck down. This shows

that you must make sure the image and text work well together.


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