Renata Liwska

Renata Liwska


Born in Warsaw, Poland. 

Renata Liwska own version of the tea party
from 'Alice In Wonderland'.
The original was illustrated by John Tenniel.

She draws from small to big but not too big
so she can carry a sketch book around with her where every she goes.

Above on the right is the finished darwings and
on the right are the rough sketches for
'The Quiet Book'.
Once she is finished she will scan
the image into photoshop to add colour

Above shows that she also draws heavy with a pencil
as well as light drawings.

Other Renata Liwska illustrated and coloured in photoshop
Renata Liwska Illustrated books 

Interior art for The Quiet Book
New York Times Best Seller

Interior art for The Quiet Book
Communication Arts Annual 51
Applied Arts Annual 2010

Holiday Suprise 
Her personal work 

Personal work 

Old School
Illustration for OLD SCHOOL published by uppercase Books
Society of Illustrators 51

Kawaski Exit 

Poster for original play for Blake Brooker
One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre
Society of Illustrators 52

Little Panda
Interior Arts Annual 50
Original Art 2008: Society of Illustrators

Egg Race
Personal work 

Personal Work 

Mad Tea Party 
The mad tea party from Alice and Wonderland 
illustrated by Sir John Tenniel
Book called ' Red Wagon'.

Closer look at her Illustration and
colour printed into a book.

Book called "The Loud Book". Ages 4-8.

Bang! Crackle! Boo!
Its intertesting how she explores the feelings behind words.

Quoted by Renata Liwska ; " Good louds (HOORAY!) and bad louds (CRASH) 
And louds that make you feel like you are 
the centre of attention ( BURP!)".
The Loud book contains kid friendly noises.
Linking this to my assignment I must make my book fun and exciting to read.

Little Panda
" Liwska's tale is generously imbued with a gentle humour that is enclosed in her
digitally coloured pencil drawing.
Keeping the roly-poly back- and-white principals just this side of saccharine
is no mean feat, but both text and illustrations are up to the challenge
as they unfold with wily deliberations.
Much like this whimsical tale, the elegant illustrations hold small surprises
for perceptive readers to enjoy." Kirkus Reviews

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