Mike Kerr

Mike Kerr


I chose to look at Mike Kerr's work  because of the precision of his drawings and paintings of characters. 

Starting with his painting gallery, I am particularly drawn to the way he leaves an outline around the characters.
http://www.wronghand.com/pages/editorial.html   15/05/11  14:38

Painting of a dog and a black bird

Painting of a cat reading newspaper

Goldilocks and the three bears

Little Red Riding Hood

Painting of two rabbits on swings

Painting of two Rabbits walking in the park

Two birds playing a card game

Painting of a parent rescuing his son from danger

A painting of the boys happyness

Mike Kerr
(Out and about)

http://www.wronghand.com/pages/sketchbook2.html  15/05/11 14:38

Below you can see the paintings
he has done in his sketchbook 

More paintings from Mike Kerr sketchbook

Next I looked at Mike Kerr Alphabet character painting 
I think this is interesting to me as he paints the character to form the sharp of the letter from the alphabet. 
I could use this in my characters for "The Wind in the Williow".

Now Looking into Mike Kerr's Character creations and how he links the character
to the characteristics written below the painting.

A could called "he said she said"
Illustration by Mike Kerr

Seeing his work coming together.
From painting in his sketch book to his final prints into the books gave me a general idea
what I can do with my final book print.


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