For this assignment I had chosen to do Enchanted stories. The story I chosen was The Wind in the Willows. I had chosen to do this assignment as I wanted to have the freedom of creation with my drawing hand.


I firstly started by watching story of The Wind in the Willows on youtube. There were three different story telling of The Wind in the Willows. The second part I researched into the range of illustrators to see how they create characters and how do they create characters. Through this research, this has helped me in creating my character and leading to my final designs.

The first part of my character development was done by pencil and the results of all the characters turned out great. At this point what I felt missing was that I needed colour for the characters. To add colours would attract children more into reading this book I am creating. Looking through Renata Liwska work, I had taken great interest in how she draws her characters and how she adds colour by using Adobe Illustrator. From her process of creating characters I had applied this in creating my characters for The Wind in the Willow. Adding colour to my characters was an easy process, I started by drawing and once the drawing is done. I than scanned the image into Adobe illustrator to add colours. 

By using Renata Liwska technic in creating characters through pencil and Adobe Illustrator. I had also taken two different pathways in creating characters another way.

Using Adobe Illustrator to create friendly characters, using simple shapes for example a circle to create the Toad. You will be able to see my results of character designs done in Adobe Illustrator. I experimented with all the characters. I also experimented with the variety of colours to express the characters characteristics.

The third character development process was by pencil.  This process took more of my time in drawing each scene. I really love the result.

For the final creation I had chosen to go ahead in creating the children’s illustration book was the very first experimentation which is drawing the characters first and scanning them into Adobe illustrator for the final results.

Overall I had enjoyed creating  The Wind in the Willows and would love to do another assignment like this in the future.



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